Jo, Hatfield, UK

iShisha is a great product. My favourite flavour is the apple closely followed by watermelon. I've used them mainly in clubs and bars. They taste fab and they're really safe.. You can't give anyone a cigarette burn while your busy dancing! I'd recommend trying all the flavours and picking your favourite as they all taste so different and best of all they're really cheap! Love the free p&p!

Peter, Camden, London

I must admit I'd never tried electric cigarettes before but as I love shisha I was recommended these - and I have to say that whilst on a night out with my friends or even just on the move around town I absolutely LOVE both the flavour and the sheer convenience of the iShisha cigarettes. I quit smoking a 1 year ago, but I feel I've now found the perfect replacement, sociable, great-tasting, cheaper, chic, portable, and with the added bonus that it doesn't kill me! My girlfriend loves the watermelon flavour, but strange as it sounds I can't get enough of the cappuccino flavour and my friends agree with me; I'm looking forward to the new iShisha flavours!

Dina, Hendon, London

I used to be a regular Shisha smoker (3-4 times a week) but I have stopped it completely since I tried iShisha 3 months ago, I love smoking the iShisha Cappuccino flavour with my afternoon coffee and one of my other favourite flavours after dinner or when I am driving home from work is iShisha Grape. I found them satisfying and most importantly I can take them anywhere I go."