What is iShisha?

iShisha = a flavoured electronic cigarette. Allow us to explain further: We would like to think of iShisha as a revolution in smoking. First, we had the normal cigarette, then the shisha (hookah), then the electronic cigarette. Now we bring you the portable electronic shisha - the iShisha.

Cigarettes: Expensive, unhealthy, and banned in many public places. Shisha: Expensive, unhealthy, big in size, banned in many public spaces.

We have produced a healthier, smaller and cheaper version of the original shisha that most people can enjoy. The iShisha contains no tar, no tobacco and no carbon monoxide. The iShisha is small in size and incredibly lightweight. iShisha comes in a variety of flavours that all smell and taste great and iShisha is allowed in public places (With owner's discretion).

Why iShisha?

iShisha Ltd. team of researchers are experts in shisha and shisha flavours. We have combined this experience with the outstanding e-liquid (special mixes used) and cool designs to bring you the iShisha. Enjoy an alternative smoking experience with great taste and an elegant look.

We offer a very competitive price; so everyone can afford to enjoy the experience of the iShisha.

Everyone gets rewarded for referring a friend, a shop or anyone else!

Please contact us for more details on referring a friend or business.